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Subjected Culture – Interruptions and resistance on femaleness

Curatorial abstract and tributes

Subjected Culture – Interruptions and resistance on femaleness arises as a personal art project with continuity in the field of curatorship, around a central theme with broad possibilities. It investigates the present state of contemporary artistic discourse concerning gender, whether explicit, implicit or in its derivative forms, within a global context and without attempting to constitute a comprehensive survey. Rather, the entire ensemble sets forth a particular network of exchanges and artistic practices connected to a way of exploring culture and subjectivity in an integral and critical manner. It does this by gathering a diversity of voices and artistic methods with respect to the treatment of subjects related to thought and theorization of the cultural conditions that affect and interest women, whether biologically female or not, and other subjectivities that are not exclusively masculine.

The participating artists find themselves in a mature artistic standing and recognition as professional producers; most occupy various fields and disciplines within the arts and cultural action. The group comprises a generational spectrum of approximately 25 years; 29 main artists including 9 collaborations; 21 physical works that suggest or approximate human scale, in various genres such as: photography, graphic arts, drawing, objects, painting, sculpture, mini-installation and two video-art programs, each two hours in length, with a total of 18 works that comprise variations of video-essay, video-performance and experimental video.

This exhibition is the second in the artistic-curatorial project of the series Fondo de Ojo* / Eye Depth, by Graciela Ovejero. The project proposes the exchange and direct presentation among contemporary artists and diverse cultures within the critical flow of identities of global postmodernity. The first project, Recuerdo de Tucumán – Antología Nómade de Objetos / Souvenir of Tucumán - Nomadic Anthology of Objects, with the participation of 89 artists from Tucumán, began in Argentina in 1997 and has had a journey of six unique installations in the United States, Mexico, Japan and Pakistan. It will end its cycle in 2010, the year of Argentina’s bicentennial. The collective fruits of the latest version of this project, which took place in Lahore, Pakistan, also form part of the works within the present exhibition.

Subjected Culture … is dedicated to the women who disappeared during the military dictatorship in Argentina, to the Mothers of the Disappeared, to the memory of Safia Bibi, one of the participants of the workshops that took place in Daskat, Lahore, in connection with the sixth version of Souvenir of Tucumán… Safia Bibi was a victim of an “Honor Killing” at the hands of one of her brothers.

The exhibition counts with the support of the INADI (National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism), Tucumán delegation.